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Jessica Lashbrook-

The artist is my sister. I can attest to her amazing talent and I have seen it cultivate over the years. For my college graduation, she gave me a beautiful swatch portrait. I have never been so touched by a gift received- I can guarantee you that anyone who receives one her beautiful works of art will be in awe. Jennifer is a perfectionist down to the last detail. The pictures on her website are fabulous, but their effect up close and in person cannot be compared. The level of detail for the swatch paintings is amazing- you will be mesmerized. It is such a unique idea and twist on a gift. Who wouldn't love to receive one of these?
Thank you

Jon Lashbrook-

Jennifer Lashbrook is my best older daughter! I am so proud of her in every way, but this is about her amazing art...her swatch art just blows my mind! I remember signing her up for the Bob Ross art series in Farmer City, Illinois in 1992 so she wouldn't be bored as she spent several weeks in that small town that summer. She was prolific in the next few years, and her Mother and I have many of those early works hung with pride in our homes. She excelled all thru high school and college in the many art forms she attempted, but really found her niche when she created her swatch art. It's incredible to me that she is able to so closely replicate a photograph with paint samples, scissors, glue and an extraordinary patience that I know she didn't get from me.

Jack Tartaro-

In 2010 Jennifer Lashbrook painted a portrait of my wife and me that hangs in our family room greeting and catching the eye of all who enter our home. Jennifer has a unique style that is a combination of realism and romanticism. The portrait is based on a picture my wife and I had taken while we were engaged in 2009. This piece captures the happiness, excitement, and love that we were experiencing the instant the photograph was taken. It truly recreates that moment in time for my family. It is priceless to us as is Jennifer. Her tremendous passion for art, dedication to her craft, and love of life is embodied in every canvas she touches.

Melissa Weyer-

I am lucky enough to have Jennifer as one of my best friends, she was my maid of honor in my wedding. Her surprise wedding gift to me and my husband was an oil painting of my favorite engagement photo of us. (She didn't know it was my favorite, just has good taste I guess.) It was a total surprise and the painting is such an amazing rendition of the original photo, I cried when she gave it to me. It now hangs above my mantle in my home.

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