-Becoming an Artist-

Jennifer Lashbrook is a Dallas artist who has been working professionally for the last eight years. She was born in a small town in Illinois, but moved to Dallas a few years later, where she has resided ever since. At the age of ten, her parents enrolled her in an oil painting class while she was visiting family during the summertime. Having fallen in love with oil painting, she continued to work creating landscapes in this ''Bob Ross'' painting style for the next few years.

With her love of art established at an early age, she made art her focus through out high school, putting a successful sports career aside to dedicate all her free time to improving her artwork. She excelled at her AP Art classes in high school and went on to develop her talents by attaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Drawing and Painting, from the University of North Texas. She studied drawing, painting, figure painting, hybrid forms, jewelry and metal smithing while working under the guidance of well known artists such as; Vernon Fisher, Ed Blackburn, Robert Jessup, Vincent Falsetta, Susan Cheal, Tim Hunt and Harlan Butts. She has participated in group shows at the Turley Gallery, Cora Stafford Gallery, and Mary Tomás Gallery, as well as holding a solo show at Artfunkle. She will also shows her work at festivals including the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival, and Cottonwood Arts festival.


A selection of her favorite artists include, Chuck Close, Salvador Dali, Robert Rauschenberg, Lucian Frued, Carravagio, Francis Bacon, Marcel Duchamp, and Joseph Beuys.

Although, Jennifer Lashbrook's oil paintings are impressive, she has become known for her ''Swatch Paintings''. This unique method of portraiture involves intricately cut pieces of paper arranged to create a stunning work of art. From a distance the works exhibit a photo realistic quality, upon closer inspection the viewer becomes mesmerized by the detailed and elaborate display of meticulously and cleverly arranged color swatches. These swatch paintings show a comical reference to the commercial, the digital and the reproducible. Toying at the idea that anyone can re-create their own master work...

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Swatch + Scissors =

Jennifer creates her beautiful masterpieces with a rather unique medium...

Paint swatches are used to get a good idea of what paint color best suits your needs for your project. The spectrum is endless with literally thousands of different colors and shades to choose from.

This is how Jennifer is able to create such intricate and detailed works of art by shaping the colors, and glueing them to a canvas.